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Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding Photography

If you're planning a wedding abroad, what do you do about booking a photographer? Whether it's issues with the language, not knowing in advance who your photographer will be (in the case of almost all photography inclusive wedding packages) or just wanting to meet your photographer in person before the wedding, there are some good reasons to consider booking your photographer in the UK and inviting them along. 

There are other factors to consider too. For example, some hotels overseas (particularly in the Caribbean and the USA), include photography in their packages. However, if you look closely at the small print, they do not include the photographs. This is especially true of the 'free weddings' that some companies offer but also true of hotels in places like Las Vegas where you may find yourselves having to part with up to $5,000 if you want digital copies of all your photos - they may also not tell you this until after the wedding day! 

Other things to consider are shots, style and personality. Most resort hotels will have a set list of photos and even specific poses that their photographers have to get; whether you want them to or not! There's also the element of style - if you're looking for very natural, relaxed and light photography, you run the risk of not getting what you want unless you've chosen your own photographer. Finally, personality. You'll both be spending a big part of your wedding day with your photographer - you might want to make sure you actually like them! 

So, in my opinion, the best solution is to find the photographer you want (hopefully me!) and take them with you. My prices for a destination wedding are exactly the same as for a local wedding. All that I add on is the cost of basic travel and accommodation, e.g. easyJet flights and a basic hotel for the day before and the day of the wedding. It can be hugely reassuring to know who your photographer will be in advance, have a pre-wedding meeting and shoot in the UK and then know that everything will be perfect on the wedding day. 

If you have any Qs on this at all, I would love to hear from you. I'm an adventurer at heart so up for pretty much anything you can throw at me! Email: or call me on 07577493930. 

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